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2016 2017 5044 8284 9938 13895 . 036 0676 1072. wootton 2016 maryland 4a softball championship game 2016 rockville hometown holidays 4a softball championships 8x10 a between inning contest of which team of two can hit break all the water ballons in the bucket first. the unidentified little guy in the orange tshirt handled the bat like a seasoned pro. a flock of seneca screaming eagles put a stop to rockville's anthony albert forward progress. a high ebergy back stroke start. a multiexposure of spirit keeper ashlyn harris lining up and delivering a kick from the corner of he box. a trio of national team players playing on differing teams lock heels andtoes to win the ball. on the left for the spirit is ali kriger a trio of national team players playing on differing teams lock heels to win the ball. on the left for the spirit is ali kriger a young girls races the mascot to home base. she won. it is a great part of the family activities at the big train home games. adam popeilarcheck adrian felizplatt adrian felizplatt squeezes past rockville to score 6 points for seneca valley. after acrobatic ashlyn harris deflects the ball from the spirit net after ashlyn defelcts the ball from the net after the game alanna kennedy albert einstein ali krieger ali krieger juggles for foot control of the ball off a bouncing pass. all eyes are on where the ball is tracking. allie krieger leaps up for a header while being held to lower altitudes by monica ocampo. monica went on to score the game winning goal for sky blue fc. allstars allysa kleiner and diana matheson has her back to us. and hauled it back to midfield. animoto ashlyn harris the keeper for the spirit reaches out to deflect a shot on goal by sydney leroux of the seattle reign. ashlyn harris the keeper for the spirit snags another shot on goal out of the air. at 88 minutes athletics bald eagle basketball basketball. montgomery county battling a trio of reign players beans beets bethesda chevy chase blair blake boys 18 and under start for the 50 meter backstroke event. brandon simpson brent pilkerton brett pilkerton brown eggs cabbage cali farquharson calvery high capital classic caprice dydasco celebrations abound for ali krieger of the spirit for scoring an unassisted goal. ali center cherries cherry cherries chicago red stars chopticon high school christie rampone from sky blue fc puts a header on the ball even though lisa de vanna of the washington spirit is trying to block christie's play. christine nairn churchill clarksburg collin shaw 17 is forced out at second base in the 6th ining. collin shaw 17 looks back to see how he got forced out at second in the 6th inning. conowingo conowingo dam crystal dunn cucumbers dajour church damascus damascus' jake funk carries the ball fora gain. danesha adams of the spirit and seattles stephanie cox battle for ball control. david del grande 4 at bat for the big train david del grande 4 finishing his sprint for home behind tim yandel dc deandre greer dematha deondre greer deonte nelson diana matheson diana matheson attacks the ball controlled by 3 christie rampone of the sky blue fc. diana matheson cuts to the left to win the ball away from jessica fishlock. diana matheson of the washington spirit has all ger attention focuse ont the ball and the opponents feet. dsc2918 eagle eggs elite elizabeth eddy estelle johnson falcons finals flow foot to game ball by chantel jones. football france free range fresh fresh eggs friendly gaithersburg gaithersburg farmers market gianni pescetto girls glory green beans guru high school high school football high school. montgomery county hope solo deflected a shot on goal as others players keep an eye on the ball. hope solo goees to the air to stop a shot on goal. hope solo of the seattle reign circles past jodie tayor a spirit forward to put the ball back onto the field wher hope wants it. is buried in the middle of the spirit players. issac ukwo jack lanham jaguars jake funk takes the opening kick off. jaleen gross jay graham the third baseman for the gaithersburg giants makes body sacraficing play to cath a short pop fly. jerssica fishlock rushes in from outside the box to put solid kick on the loose ball in front of the net jessica fishlock puts slide tackle on diana matheson of the washington spirit joanna lohman jodie taylor of the spirit is not about to let this ball get away from her. josh ingham 7 leaps in the air to avoid david del grande sliding into second base. josh ingham 7 slides haed first back towards first base after a unsucessful attempt to steal second. just for the heck of it. kathleen stubbs interviewed this gentleman at the greyhound rescue booth katie stengel keeper chantel jones checks the clock. the washington spirit is down 1 to nil and time is running out. kelly ohai kelsey wys kiddy land at hometown holidays. kids knell45 kyle colgain kyle colgain 35 of the gaithersburg giants. kyle wernicki advances to third base on a putout fly off johnny cole in the third inning. jay graham 28 was ready if he had the ball in his glove. kyle wernicki advances to third base on a putout fly off johnny cole in the third inning. jay graham 28 watches closely as the throw to him was too late to stop kyle. la plata lacrosse lawtez rogers lynn williams magruder markus vinson maryland maryland crab bowl maryland. megan crilly megan oyster mens mls mom montgomery county montgomery county public schools montgomey county moon mpssaa msl nature night north lake northwest northwest high school nov09 number 11 nwhs nwsl ouch our lady of good consel our lady of good counsel paint branch parkside patuxent peaches peppers pheasant hill farm philadelphia pitcher for the gaithersburg giants catches a short popfly. poolesville popeilarcheck52 preseasson professional public school pushing the ball out of bounds. quart quince orchard rfk richard montgomery ritchie coliseum robin gayle cocks her arms for a sideline throw in. rockville rockville team captains walk to the center of the field for the coin toss. rockville's anthony albert is getting tied up by donovon beckettsimms. rockville's anthony albert is getting tied up by donovon beckettsimms. donovon persistence leaves him holding on for the ride. rockville's anthony albert is heavily pursued by seneca defenders. rogers97 rutabaga sabrina d'angelo savion williams scoring a goal for the reign. jessica was so excited she chased the ball into the net screaming eagles seattle reign seattle reign. crystal dunn seneca valley seneca valley celebrates an interception on the sidelines. seneca valley high school seneca valley rushes the field for the opening kick. seneca valley' senior at seneca valley she believes cup shelina zadorsky sherwood sherwood high school snapped it up soccer softball springbrook squash stadium state tournament stephanie labbé strawberries strawberry svhs sydeny laroux of the reign is in the center sydney leroux on the right tangles it up with tori huster on the left. sydney leroux on the right tangles it up with tori huster on the left. tori showed no sign of intimidation regardless of who she is up against or how much they outsize her. sydney leroux on the right tangles it up with tori huster on the left. tori showed no sign of intimidation regardless of who she up against or how much they outsized her. taking a nap on their portable beds under their owners feet. tate seibel team captain for the spirit shows her talents for turning quickly to chase a ball. terry milburne that is going to sting. coco goodson of sky blue takes on to the side of her face. the begining of tangled legs as two players come back to the ground after they both missed the battle for a header. the chopticon team celebrates as teh announcer names off the lineup for the maryland 4a championship against sherwood high school. the race is on for the ball in midfield. maya hayes of sky blue fc got a toe on the ball. before it gets away nikki cross and tori huster close in to win the ball back. the winner of the boys 18 and under 50 meter backstroke from the north lake dolphins. they are not dead. they are hot and tired tigers tim yandel rounds third base with david del grande rigth behind him at second. they are making a break for home base. time out by the giants in the 6th inning to discuss strategy. tomatos tori huster tori huster makes a backside play on the ball even after she has passed by it. triston price trojans tuckeys unc union united united states navy band country current us women's national team uswnt varsity varsity football vegetable vegetables vendor victor olowatimi volleyball walter johnson walter montgomery washington spirit washington spirit defense player crystal dunn and sky blue defender camille levin tangle bodies in a bod to win ball control. camille won the ball only to lose it to yael averback of the spirit three steps later. washington spirit keeper ashlyn harris lays boot to ball delivering the shot well past the midfield line. washington spirit midfielder diana matheson cuts the corner to bend a shot on goal. washington spirit nikki cross goes all superman on a ball using her head to get the ball away from the sky blue players who were lning up for an attack on goal. washington spirit reserves washington spirit. keelin winters water cress westlake westminster whitman who is waiting for him at home plate. williams19 women's national team woodrow wilson wootton yael averbach of the spirit and ashley nick of sky blue sprint to challenge one another for the ball win. yasmine kass young fans crwod the rail looking to score an autograph from professional players. zack knell zucchini
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